Chia Seeds Are Amazing

I’ve written about them before, I’ve been a fan since before they were super cool (way way back when they were just starting to be cool) I’ve eaten them just about every way people suggest and some ways they don’t, I’ve tried all the drinks, I’ve made my own drinks, I’ve gotten others hooked and […]

Alternatives To Running

Since I cannot run… (see HERE for more info on that) I’ve been searching for things I can do… I can walk I can sit on the couch I can ride my spin bike (for 15 -25 mins until my butt hurts) I can think about how much I miss running I can eat ice cream, mostly […]

Plant Based Foods for Runners

To start… Plant based foods are foods that are plant based, haha funny, what does that actually mean? Basically it means things that gown in the earth, things that do not contain animal products or are highly processed. There are A LOT of plant based foods out there… the below ones are some (not all) […]

No Running

Tomorrow is National Running Day… this makes me sad. It has been 254 days since my last run. Well… that is not true, I can’t tell you when my last run was, It was sometime late last summer/early last fall. I didn’t know, didn’t think and couldn’t have imagined that it would be my last […]

Winter Running?

Do you run outside in the winter? In the dark? In the snow? I’m going to again this year, last year was miserable and I’m looking for tips to make it more enjoyable, safe and something I can just get through. This is what I know so far: – Dress in layers – Dress 10-15 […]

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Disclaimer: This is sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I was super lucky to be offered an opportunity to test out the brand spanking new, pretty sweet looking Mizuno Wave Rider18’s. If you know me i’m a huge Brooks fan (who has always thought about trying other brands but just really hasn’t… until now) As far […]

Cross Training with Spinning

Injuries suck, I don’t wish them upon anyone and hope I never have to deal with another. With that said, Cross training is going to be a bigger part of my training going forward, to keep me all around stronger and fitter so we, well I purchased a spin bike and its arriving TOMORROW!! I […]

I Love ProCompression

It is no secret that I LOVE ProCompression I post about them on Twitter and again, Instagram, on this Blog way back in 2012 before it was the cool thing to do, anyway I am a HUGE fan. I use the Marathon socks for longer runs (or I did when I could actually run longer distances, silly injuries) […]

Huma Gel

I am normally not a fan of gel nutrition for running/working out (probably because they tend to be full of icky ingredients and chemicals, Huma is not! I wrote briefly about Huma gel last year (HERE) and recently had a chance to try 2 of their new-ish flavors (thanks!) Blueberries and Mangos       […]

Chia Pudding

I am newly obsessed with Chia pudding. It tastes amazing and is super duper healthy and satisfying. What the hell is chia pudding you wonder…? It is a pudding like creation made from mixing chia seeds with almond (or i guess soy/hemp/cashew) milk. My latest recipe: 1 1/4 cup of almond milk 1/4 cup chia seeds […]