Working Out When You Have An Infant

Please don’t work out until you are medically cleared and then start slow, don’t listen to me, i don’t care… Just be smart! no one’s got time to be injured right?

Working out, exercising, running, cardio, strength training, yoga, spinning, walking, cross fit, jogging, whatever you do and whatever you call it working out when you have an infant can be TOUGH or non existant. If you google ‘baby workout‘ and you’ll find many unrealistic? posts ‘best workouts for mom and baby’  ‘8 New-Mom Workout Moves to Do with Baby’ ‘the happy baby workout’  blah blah blah… they all make it look so easy and effortless, and like kids always corporate blah to that.

Also I’m sure you if you are still reading this you have all heard ‘work out when the kids napping’ ‘ before the kid wakes up’ ‘when your other half can watch the kiddo’ blah blah blah and yes this is good advice and yes this will work sometimes, maybe most of the time? I hope for your sake it works at least sometimes… but this is not always going to be doable for all of us, other things need to be done (umm work anyone?) other things pop up (dishes, laundry, cooking, work, showers, etc) so what can you and how can you fit in workouts when you also have to care for a little one who is awake? and maybe needs attention?

fit mom workout baby darbee
In an ideal world this would be a great workout…


I will say that  treadmill (or other home equipment) can come in handy while the kid is napping, playing, sleeping for the night, etc. but also when your kiddo is awake, maybe playing on the floor, in a chair swing thing, pack and play, etc. you can still be in the same room, still be watching, still be actually with the kiddo while you work out, my little guy likes when I use my barbell (its neon green, maybe that is why?) and has been known to crawl around the floor when the spin bike is in use  …but but but I don’t have a treadmill! or spin bike or whatever  (me neither on the treadmill… blah co-op living) so what do I do now? For whatever reason, you have no babysitter and you don’t have a fancy gym with child care, these are some things I have tried

Yoga, HIIT, Strength, Planking, etc with/when baby is doing tummy time/ playing by themselves – before my little guy started rolling over and crawling I’d do pushups over him and kiss his head on the down, he loved it, now he rolls away, I’ve also tried to get him to do the yoga with me… he usually just rolls over and laughs at me – get creative becuase there are a lot of things you can do in a small space.

Walk with baby in stroller (jog if kiddo is old enough/ you have proper equipment – I can’t wait for this one – jogging stroller suggestions anyone?) getting outside it good for both of you, and yeah I know walking isn’t running but its something and if you go a few miles it is a good workout especially when you factor in pushing a stroller. I’ve got some hills in my hood so it counts for  cross training too.

Baby bench pressing – does this count as a work out? maybe if i do 20 sets of 10 reps? regardless its fun.

Do whatever you can whenever you can do it, ask for help, be easy on your self, roll with the punches and keep trying, it will not work out (hehe) every day, take the good with the bad and the ok too and just know that it will get easier and better and maybe you’ll even have a buff baby… just kidding baby chub is the cutest.

I’d love to know how do you? or how have you? worked out with your baby or older kid (I’ll need some tips on that one sooner than later)






    I always surprised whenever my friends with michelle obama arms tell me they get it from lifting their babies!

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