Wipe Out

This morning something happened to me that has never happened before, something I never thought would happen, something

I wiped out.

I set off for a few miles with hill training sprinkled in. My warm up and the first steep/large hill went well, I took off on the downhill and as the terrain leveled off and started to slope up towards the second hill my foot got caught on the uneven jagged sidewalk, boom!

right hand. scraped and dirty

My palms skidded down the sidewalk, my knees scraped the concrete, I pulled my self up, cursed a few times and looked back. I noticed a 3/4 of an inch to an inch gap a few feet back on the sidewalk, fantastic. I though about continuing my run then glanced down at my throbbing dirty hands, my ripped (in the knee) pants and my scuffed shoe, the germaphobe in my took over and headed home to clean up.

left hand. bloody, scraped and sore.

It could have been worse, much worse. My pants protected my knees/legs – I only have some slight rug burn like scratches. My head/face and ankles were spared and my hands/palms are just scraped and tender, not broken, sprained or bruised (yet).

 I suppose if I wasn’t already I am now officially a ‘real’ runner. I’m also hard core and I’ve got the wounds to prove it. Have you ever wiped out? Did you get back up and keep running or did you head home to wash away the germs like I did?

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