Why I Run

These are some of the many reasons why I run:

I run for the fun

I run for the cookies

I run for the gear

I run for the bling

I run for the socks

I run for the  health aspect

I run for the mental health aspect

I run for the fitness part of it

I run for those who cannot

I run for FOOD! Yay food!

I run for the community

I probably run for much much more that I cannot think of at the moment…

What do you run for?


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    I agree with all of these! I definitely run for the bling, for health (including mental health) and fitness, to push myself, and without a doubt, for the FOOD! I'm going out to a Mexican place tonight and you better believe I will treat myself after my tempo run today!

    bubblyrunner | 3 years ago Reply

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