Vote for ME!

I don’t do this often.

I promise I won’t ask again and I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t awesome and didn’t give you a chance to win as well. Yes, you can win just by voting for me.

Vega is having a Facebook contest, the top 30 people (popular cool guys/gals) win prizes. I’m shooting for position 15-30 and if  I fall within that range I’ll win some free Vega!

I was never the cool kid in school, help me be the cool kid now!


PS. You are entered to win a Vega voter prize pack consisting of 5 bags of smoothie a t-shirt and a rare vega shaker just for voting. You can vote for as many people as you like, once per day per person, every vote is another entry into wining the voter prize pack. Lets win some Vega!

Just to avoid confusion this is NOT a sponsored post, Vega did not ask me or bribe me or pay me to write this. I just want to win!


    i will def vote for ya, but i don't know how! sorry, im alittle slow, can you explain??

    jenna | 6 years ago Reply

      Yay! thanks!!! It is through facebook, if you click on the Vote!! link or go you should be able to vote... it doesn't work on mobile devices though

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply


    Yoli | 6 years ago Reply


    Amalia | 6 years ago Reply

    voted! :)

    Wild Things Run Free | 6 years ago Reply

    Good luck! I just voted for you!

    Ali from | 6 years ago Reply

    Voting .... Good luck!

    Coco | 6 years ago Reply


    jenna | 6 years ago Reply

    Yep just voted.

    Alex (@alexbridgeforth) | 6 years ago Reply

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