Virtual Runs!

Virtual Runs…

I used to be skeptical of them, I though they were silly and pointless…

Then my views changed and I liked them, it was a little boost of motivation, a way to take part in a race without going to the race and hello RACE BLING!

Then I got cold on them again, something along the lines of meh I’m just paying for a medal an a dumb cotton t-shirt … now I’ve come full circle back to the Yes! Virtual RUNS! Yay!

Why? you wonder… This is why

Motivation – It can be hard to train during the winter months, tough to get out the door in the bitter cold, snow, and darkness AND having a virtual run can provide that little extra jolt of motivation needed to get out there.

Training – Along the lines of motivation a virtual run can be a training tool, an opportunity to test out race day strategies or paces without the fear of failing on an actual race day

The Swag – Everyone loves race swag right? RIGHT! Especially the race medals and non t-shirt stuff, like HOODIES! (Yes Hoodies! I’m doing a February virtual that is giving a supper cool hoodie instead of a shirt so yay!) and hats, hats are different, different is good.

Community – The sense of community and togetherness is surprisingly there for virtual races, nowadays many have Facebook groups, hashtags and websites to connect with other runners AND real, live, in person, big races have virtual runner (or remote runner as they are sometimes called) options… yes you miss the actual race day hype and crowds, lines, excitement and post race food but you get a little glimpse into it, especially on social media and you can support a race without traveling across the country…

I’ve got 3 super awesome Virtual Runs coming up in the next few months that I am very excited for…

February 12th – My Better Half (10k) – This is an actual race (5k, 10k, Half and Relay) that is in Seattle and has a virtual option, with the virtual they give you 3 days to run, I am going to run on race day, the 12th unless we are hit with an ice storm or blizzard

March 5th – 408k – This is another an actual race with a virtual option

March 14th – Pi Day 5k: For the geek in all of us! Seriously though pi day is on a Tuesday this year… who would logistically be able to pull off an in person race on a Tuesday?

I’m sure I’ll do a few more throughout the year because not only are  virtual runs great opportunities to enhance your running and feel like you are participating in something when you can’t actually make it to race day, they often give a percentage of the profits to charity and the sweet swag is of course an added bonus!

Have you ever done a Virtual run? Do you love? or hate? Virtual runs? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


    I do virtual runs a few times a year they are fun sometimes

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

      even better when you can get a few running buddies to do one with you :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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