As I’ve made it VERY clear I can’t run, I’m not allowed, forbidden, it’s a big ole NO-NO and this SUCKS!

For a while I tried to avoid other runners, race recaps, new gear, colorful sneakers, everything really.

I thought it would help.

I thought it would be easier.

I thought it would make not running better for me.. but it hasn’t, not even a little, it may have made the withdrawal worse, so now I’m not avoiding, i’m embracing.

I’m embracing others tweets, twitter chats, new gear, colorful sneakers, race recaps, race bling, news of races and others getting spots in coveted races, sports bras, socks and on and on.

I will run again!

I will run again in 2015! Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month but soon, soon enough and it is ok, it will be ok and I don’t have to totally avoid anything and everything running related in order to make it though.

Coming back from my injury/illness/hiatus will not be easy but it will be totally worth it.





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