Updated: What Is A Plant Based Diet?

I originally wrote this post back in 2012, Wow! So I figured it was time for a plant based update. 

Ever wonder what the heck plant based means? Googled it and found 4 different definitions?  Wonder no more…

Simply put: Eating plant based is to eat mostly plants and plant derived foods.

Mostly? That’s vague. Yup, it is. Some people believe that in order to be eating plant based you must consume all of your calories from plant sources, such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains (wheat, oat, barley, and rye) THIS IS CALLED VEGAN. I am not vegan, been there, tried that, doesn’t work for me, too restrictive, it drives me mad. Others, like me! believe that if you eat mostly, or say 70-80+% of your food from plant sources the remainder can be non plant sourced (cheese, eggs, fish, meat) technically if you must label me I am a plant based vegetarian, I don’t and never have cared for meat, yeah i’m weird.

I look at it like this: If most of your plate or most of your meal is plant based (aka fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and foods in their natural and unprocessed state) you are doing it right. (Right for eating plant based, eat however you want I don’t care I’m not one of those people, I just want everyone to be happy no matter what they eat or do)  If you are eating predominantly fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains for breakfast, lunch and dinner and suddenly you have a slice of pizza or piece of cake is it the end of the world? Are you a plant based fraud? Will the plant based police come looking for you? No! Not in my book.

Again, to me plant based is not 100% vegan, just saying. Yes plant foods are all vegan but one does not have to eat only plant foods to be a plant based eater. Realistically I eat plants 70-90% of the time with the other varying percentage equaling pasta, dairy (cheese really) and processed crap, TOTAL CRAP like Oreos, I love Oreos.

When you (or me, or anyone) is constricted to eat (or do) something 100% all the time it sets you up to fail, well most of the time for most people, or maybe I’m totally wrong, what do I know? I know that it sets me up to fail.  I could eat a bacon cheeseburger and still be eating a plant based diet over all. With that said I should note that I have been a strict vegetarian for 20 FREEKING years! 100% vegan for part of that time and would not consume bacon or a burger because I do not and never really did enjoy them and its not kosher, not that I am actually kosher, I am kosher by default though . My point? Do I even have one?  I think it is that if you want to eat plant based do what works for you. No need to totally give up shrimp or grilled cheese, just consume more fruits and vegetables to off set the  shrimp or grilled cheese?

fruit fruits

To eat a plant based diet you simply must eat plants. The average person does not eat nearly enough, so if you want to eat plant based or plant based-ish just eat more plant.

Do you eat plant based?


Note: I am not a medical doctor or dietitian so take this (any really any of my advise) for what it is (aka an interested party sharing their opinion and knowledge) and always check with a professional if you feel inclined

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