Upcoming Races

I may have gone a wee bit race crazy, I am registered for 8 9 * races over the next 3 months. The 1st race I ever ran was in October of 2011, about 6 months ago. Am I totally nuts for registering for so many races? some may say yes, I say a big NO!

race schedule/training schedule

The race bug has bitten me and it stings. It all kicks off next weekend with a 15k, my 1st 15k so a guaranteed PR and the right to say that I ran one of my counties oldest road races. I should probably note that I am not looking to ‘race’ or run all (or any?) of these races hard. Most of them are for  NYRR 9+1 credit and fun. All of them will be run with new and old friends and hopefully in awesome festive attire.

Any advice for a newbie racer looking to stay healthy and run strong? DO’s and DON’Ts?

If you are running (or thinking about running) any of these races (here) please let me know i’d love to meet up before or after 😉

* 9th race is the NYRR Brooklyn Half

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