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You may have read the other day (this POST) that I LOVE  the Ultimate Sandbag, now that the excitement has worn off, the excitement that the ultimate sandbag was mentioned not once but twice in RUNNERS WORLD Magazine (and online) that is, I’m ready to go get more detailed.  First and foremost, the ULTIMATE SANDBAG lives up to its name.

“The ORIGINAL Ultimate Sandbag is the most durable and innovative sandbag on the market. Used by Special Forces Recruiting Battalion, NFL Teams, UFC fighters, and as seen on “The Biggest Loser”, “Access Hollywood”, and in “Men’s Health” it is incredibly versatile and perfect for training anywhere!” 

The Ultimate Sandbag is what it sounds like, or what you would imagine it to be, a bag filled with sand. Yet it is not simply a bag filled with sand. It is an incredible workout tool that features

  • 7-Comfortable Rubber Handles (for all sorts of exercises – some of my favorite are below)
  • Non-Abrasive Military Grade Exterior Shell (so it doesn’t rip, leak sand all over your living room and or cut you)
  • Variable Weight  (for beginners to experts – you fill with as much sand as you can handle, comes with 2 heavy-duty bags to fill)


The Ultimate Sandbag is so awesome even the dog wants to use it
The Ultimate Sandbag is so awesome even the dog wants to use it

I have been slowly integrating sandbag exercises into my strength training and cross fit workouts for the last month and have noticed that I am getting stronger and the exercises that were hard at first are becoming easier, not easy just easier. 

Some of my favorite exercises (so far) are:

High pulls – 

1. Start with the sandbag on the ground.
2. Take a firm grip and then lift the sandbag powerfully upwards to chest height. The elbows should be high throughout this movement, with most of the power coming from the hips.
3. Return the bag to the ground and repeat.

Plank & Pull (or Drag)-

1. Start in a plank position (legs can be spread wider for stability) – have the bag by your side
2. Reach under your chest, grab the bag and pull it under and through
3. Repeat, alternating arms  (SEE VIDEO HERE)

Zercher Squats –

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, extend arms, press palms together, and cradle sandbag at the crux of bent elbows.
2. Keeping the bag at shoulder height, squat until hips are level with knees, keep weight in heels.
3. Squeeze glutes, thrust hips, and return to standing. (SEE VIDEO HERE)

Fore more video examples of exercises check out Ultimate Sandbag Training on YOUTUBE HERE!

Convinced? Need one of your own? They come in standard black and bright pink – get yours HERE

My verdict? The Ultimate Sandbag is a must own tool for runners, cross fitters and anyone interested in taking their workouts to the next level. The Ultimate Sandbag will help you improve your endurance, gain muscle and strengthen your core.  No other product comes close to matching the the durability and versatility of the Ultimate Sandbag. 


I told you I love my sandbag! Have you used a sandbag? Do you have a sandbag? Which exercise sounds the toughest? I want to hear your thoughts on sandbag training!


In the interest of full disclosure Ultimate Sandbag’s provided me with this item for no cost, the link to purchase is an affiliate link and the video’s of the exercises were found via YouTube, as always all options are my own.



    We have the sandbags at our gym, but I haven't given them a try yet. Thank you for your post on them, because I will be giving them a try next week!

    Andrea @ fromfltond | 6 years ago Reply

      You must belong to a super awesome gym! Hope you love them at least 1/2 as much as i do ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    Love the Ultimate Sandbags! Use them everyday as part of my regular training! Sometimes all I use is the Ultimate Sandbag, you really do not need anything more! Thanks for posting. They are a great company.

    Kimberly | 6 years ago Reply

      Everyday? awesome, im trying to build up to 4x a week ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

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