Trying Something New…

So… I’m trying something new… kinda new… I’m trying a 30 day challenge (a combo of a few actually).

I’ve never done one before, I have worked on cross training and general strength but this 30 day challenge is a little different because its every day and its what I am hoping will jump start my mission to be ripped!

It’s plastered on my fridge, its on my desktop and its in my head! I am determined to complete this and to keep going.

darebee challenge


I took 3 different 30 day (you know because 1 just isn’t enough for me…) challenges from Darebee boom! this is what I am doing. Its a combo of Burpees (ugh) Squats, Sit-ups, Push-ups and Punches, will I get ripped? probably not in 30 days but its a start and it can’t hurt right?

What do you do for strength training?

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