So, I’m in training, training for an actual race, I think. I’m hesitant to actually say that I am, even though I am, ahh.

Anyway I looked at about a billion training schedules, look a little what I liked and thought would be good for me from each of them and Boom! this is my plan (starting next week… this week will actually be pretty much the same as the first minus the run on Monday)training plan runningAs it stands right now I am slated to run a half marathon on 5/21, why am I so nervous? It’s been a while, maybe that is why… and I think I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it, I mean I know I will but I’m still hesitant. Oh well.

The last time I trained for anything I ran 4 times a week, well some weeks I did, some I didn’t so this time I am only setting out to do 3 runs (with one long run) a strength day, a legit one with at least a 30, preferably 45/60 min strength workout and a yoga day, again legit one at least 45mins of yoga. My life is a lot different from what it was the last time I trained for a race, before I didn’t know what a serious long-term injury was, before I didn’t have a kid that needed my attention, before my body hadn’t been ravaged by a parasite (Ok, side note: this parasite I speak of is the best parasite EVER!, the happiest, sweetest, not really a parasite negative thing at all yet with that said still being pregnant is like having a parasite (in the best possible way) it takes a toll on your body and you do actually need time, months, to fully recover, so I remind myself that because my body is just not the same as it was and it won’t (maybe?) ever be the same again, I think it will be better! Stronger!) and I didn’t completely understand the whole picture of my nutrition, not day-to-day but more like week to week and month to month.

So here’s to the unknown, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the different approach to training, the hopeful PRs, the long run, the short run, the strength training, the yoga and the rest days.

Ps. if you are running the NYRR Air BnB Brooklyn Half this is a 14 week plan I tailored for it 😉

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    I'm a big fan of running only 3 days a week,no more, but adding in lots of strength & cross-training. Can't speak to the parasite business. But it looks to me like you have a very solid plan for your start back into racing.

    Jessie @ The Acquired Sass | 2 years ago Reply

      seems like 3 days and a day or 2 of cross training/strength is a good mix ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Good luck with your half marathon training! That is exciting, I haven't run that half. But I did the NYC Marathon and Brooklyn was one of my favorite sections to run in, so I bet you'll have an awesome time in that race!

    runawaybridalplanner | 2 years ago Reply

    Good luck with your training. The Brooklyn Half is on my bucket list. Unfortunately, I am usually on vacation that week each year. I did RNR Brooklyn in October and I love NYC. Training is tough. That's why I don't think I can commit to a marathon. 13.1 miles is hard enough.

    Darlene | 2 years ago Reply

    I looking to start getting in shape and ts nice to see someone's workout schedule to give me some ideas of what I should do

    Lisa Jagodzinski | 2 years ago Reply

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