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So I *may* be training for a specific race, I’ll know about that in a few days… for now I’m training for life so… I’m working on a training plan… training plans are hard, really hard. I now understand why people hire coaches and pay for plans. Side note, how do you plan your training? I like to write it out on a calendar, so I can see weeks/months at a time.

Here is my plan for the next few months. I’m aiming to run 4 times per week, with one long run on Saturdays. I notice a lot of plans have long runs on Sundays and Mondays off. That DOES NOT work for me. I need to start my week off with run! and Sunday’s are for sleeping in, if the baby cooperates. So 4 runs, 2 mixed with some strength training, 1 day Yoga, and 2 rest days, and by rest I mean completely off days, no runs, no cross training, no strength training, nothing except maybe walking the dog – I know sometimes rest days can be hard to follow through with but I am determined not to get injured.

A sample week for me is shaping up to look something like this:

Monday: RUN: 2 – 3 Miles + 20/30 Mins of STRENGTH … aka weights

Tuesday: RUN: 3 Miles

Wednesday: REST!

Thursday: RUN: 3 – 4 Miles + 20/30 Mins of STRENGTH

Friday: 30 – 45 Mins YOGA

Saturday: LONG RUN – 4 – 13 Miles

Sunday: REST!

I’m going with Yoga for my cross training because I can easily practice at home and if I desire I can pop in studio for a session. In the past I’ve done cross fit and spinning as my cross training both of which I like a lot but both I feel are intense so for now yoga it is. How do you cross train?

Happy running!

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    I'm a coach, so writing plans is my job ;) My schedule is usually a late morning run and maybe an easy 30-60 minutes in the afternoon. I tend to keep my weekends with shorter runs, because I like to limit my running a bit on the weekends when my wife isn't at work. I don't do much cross training. I typically just run hard sometimes, run easy most of the time, and do some strength work here and there!

    kylejkranz | 3 years ago Reply

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