The Mile

Over the past few weeks I have slowly… more like    S     l      o    w    l    y       started running again, yippie!

This may sound sad, weak, pathetic, awful, painful, etc to some of you, ok most of you, but I am VERY excited to be working back up to a mile. Yes, 1 measly mile, and I am almost there.

the mile 1 mile mile marker

When I hear ‘the mile’ i think of middle school, fitness test, how fast can you run the mile? can you even run it? I couldn’t, well maybe I could, I was excused due to asthma. Anyway to me, running 1 mile, a full mile is the start, the ground work.

Everything else is based from this 1 mile, it is the first hump of many. If you can run 1 mile you can run 2. If you can run 5, you can run 10, or 20, or 50, but it all starts with and started from the 1.

What do you think about the mile?




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