The Watch Dilemma

I do this thing where maybe twice a year I purchase a GPS watch… I wait not so patiently until I test it out, I love it, I post about it then it hits me like a wrecking ball.

I don’t need this $300 watch

I don’t deserve this $400 gadget

I’m not runner enough for this $600 tech

What the hell have I done?

And then… I return it.

I haven’t used/kept a GPS watch for years.. years as in back to when Nike+ made one and it almost was cooler than a Garmin

Nike+ running watch gps

Remember that thing? Well anyway I am wondering when is anyone runner enough to warrant a GPS watch? I have a phone with me 100% of the time I run, I use a few different apps to track my runs (when I remember to open them) I also use / have used website after runs to track distances and I’ve even measured routes with my car so I don’t need a GPS watch BUT boy do I want one.

Why do you keep returning them then? the struggle is real.

I’d love to have HR data and all the cool stuff that goes along with that,VO2 max data, splits data, ground contact time data, data, data, data – I like data, but do I like it $500 worth? My answer… not yet, not now, maybe one day, maybe one day when I fell like I’m worthy of such an awesome tool, maybe one day when I get gifted a sweet GPS watch, maybe one day when they don’t cost as much as 3 or 4 pairs of shoes?

I’m I the only one who doesn’t use a GPS watch?



    I don't. And I go through stages of wanting to. Honestly, if selecting just one wasn't such a daunting task, I'd probably do what you do - buy one and return it (or let it sit in a drawer unused after five uses.) Since I don't even know where to start, I just distract myself from my NEED A RUNNING WATCH thoughts until they go away. Works for now. 😉

    Carly-Ann | 1 year ago Reply

      glad im not alone... and OMG yes so many options and new ones coming out what seems like everyday, im not sure how people choose... guess they don't over think it like me :|

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

    I go through stages of loving and hating my watches.I can't find the one watch that does everything I want to do

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 1 year ago Reply

      right? its always seems like the 'perfect' watch doesnt exist and some lack what you'd think would be basic features? ugh... one day

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

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