The streak is almost over

I’ve been streaking, Run Streaking, for over 30 days now. It’s become something I do, second nature, something that is part of my day, everyday and not in a good way. It’s become a chore, a responsibility and its making me dislike running.

The end is near

Streaking might, and does work for many people, I am not one of them. Over the past month my mileage has been lower than it was in the previous two months, my runs have been shorter, I’ve  had less time for crossfit, cross training or yoga and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained weight, like 5 pounds, from being rungry everyday!

I am going to finish out the RWRunStreak – as of right now I’ve got 5 more day, 5 more runs, 5 more times to prove to myself that I can indeed complete a streak, finish a challenge if I want to. However after the streak is over I am taking a rest day (or two) and adding in more hardcore crossfit 2 times a week.

Since ‘every finish line is the beginning of a new race’ In a few weeks I’ll be starting my training for my fall Half. I’m looking to shave serious time off my Half PR (40-50 mins) so I can’t be dreading going for a run and stopping after 2 miles because it ‘counts for the streak’

Anyone else still streaking? Loving it? hating it? going to continue?

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    Streaking from last 70 days... I don't know what to say.

    Ketan | 6 years ago Reply

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