Taking A Few Days Off…

and not by choice 🙁

It happens to all of us right? Illness? family emergency? medical procedures? work? travel? SOMETHING! that prevents us from running that we cannot totally 100% control… This is my reality for the next few days.

I had dental surgery – not a huge deal just am not supposed to work out aka run for 72-ish hours. BLAH!

Natural part of training for most of us is rest, as in rest days usually not rest 3 days but sometimes a rest is a good thing. I’m trying to find the positive in days off (beyond my body being able to recover from what I’ve just put it though) and I’ve come up with a few things.

3-ish days off, totally off with minimal muscle use gives my body plenty of time to really recover and repair a little without losing fitness, and yay! recovery is a good thing

I’ve got extra time, bonus time! – granted I don’t feel amazing but its extra time to maybe sleep in, to play with the kiddo, to catch up on a TV show, organize a closet, or to read a book.

An opportunity to take a look back and evaluate my training so far this year and try to plan out what if anything I need or want to change.

Time is often hard to come by and yeah its only 3 days which is equal to about 2 hours of running related things but it’s still 2 bonus hours!

What do you do when you have to or want to take a few days off?


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