Summer RWRunStreak Update and A Mini Book Review

The Summer RWRunStreak is still going. I wish I could say strong but as of right now, Day 18 , its’ just going.   18 Days is the longest streak I’ve ever had. 18 days of running with a 10k race in the middle is a lot of running. Life is trying to get in the way but so far I’ve been able to keep it at bay. A mile and a half here, 2 miles there, another mile and a half here. I am hoping this weekend I’ll be able to get in a longer run to motivate me through the remaining 15 ish days. Are you still streaking?

In Runners World related news a week or so ago I received the Runners World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training and by received I mean it was given to me. I have flipped through the entire book and read the first chapter. As a side note for the past week Finding Ultra by Rich Roll has been taking all my book reading attention. My initial thoughts on the Big Book – awesome!

The first chapter is full of informative info on building a base, chosing a race, picking a training plan, setting goals, talking about gear for race day and some Q & A. As someone who ran 2 spring half marathons reading this 1 chapter alone has helped me to realize where I went wrong. The ‘Bart Says’  and ‘Ambys Advice’ sections becoming some of my favorites.

Without going into too much detail (I’ll do a real review when I finish the book) The book is broken into 4 Parts of 2-3 chapters. Training, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Putting It All Together. This is a must read for all runners training for their next half or full marathon.

Are you still streaking? Have you picked up The Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training  yet?


    I'm curious about the Runner's World book and trying to decide whether to get the kindle version or a traditional book - is it the kind of book that you like to make notes in, or would it work just as well in the e-book format?

    Karen Bee | 6 years ago Reply

      I buy and I read a lot of books as e-books, I don't think having this as an e-book would ruin or take anything away from the content but It is something i could see my self referring to and doing that with an e-book could be challenging, would be sort of like having a cookbook as an ebook if that makes sense?

      Josephine @ Run From The Heart | 6 years ago Reply

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