Summer Running Tips Take 2

Sing with me people “Summer Running had me a blast, Summer running happened so fast slow..”

Slow, hot, sticky, icky, gross, nasty, all these words and more can be easily attributed to summer running, what can you do to make summer running fabulous  tolerable? In case you missed it, see my post from last year HERE and keep reading.

OF COURSE – Stay hydrated! – This is plastered all over the web, twitter, blogs and magazines, why? because it is the #1 must do, the most important thing you can and should do. Water works but sometimes you need more, I highly recommend Skratch Labs – it is meant to optimize hydration and it is natural (really natural not fake natural) the lemons and limes flavor is killer.

Sunblock! Sunscreen! Something to protect your skin! – I like to stay away from chemical filled, crappy products (check out the EWG’s guide HERE) or if you are too busy/not interested at least consider purchasing something organic, natural or sans chemicals – like Alba, Jason, Natures Gate, or Kiss My Face… you’ll thank your self in a few years when you don’t have some icky potentially deadly skin condition. Don’t forget to apply to your ears and back of neck (and arms, legs, hands, etc)

heatwave heat hot running summer

Use common sense! – If you are in the midst of a heat wave it is ok to skip your run, if it’s really freeking hot and you feel like death slow down, stop, dunk your head in a vat of ice water, or go inside. Try not to run mid day during 85 degree + temps, look for shady (like by trees not people) routes, run super early or later (but not too late that it is dangerous)

PS Have you register for either of my two summer virtual runs? Summer Sunset Run is going on now! through the end of the month and my Dog Days of Summer Run is the first week of august!

Run Happy!

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    SO true about the "tolerable" part ha! But can't say winter time running is any more enjoyable. Great post, definitely agree with all the points you made. Thanks for sharing!

    Rachel @ CHAARG | 5 years ago Reply

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