Summer Running 2014

Summer running is nothing new to me, i’ve been dealing with the yucky NYC area heat and humidity for my entire live and running in it for years. I’ve come to expect the ick, the gross and the super uncomfortable,  I’ve even written about tips for dealing with it  here and here but this summer I have a different philosophy. When it is too hot, too humid, too icky, to sticky I will just run inside. Boo to the treadmill but at this point its a tool to use and i’m just not willing to suffer though the dog days of summer any longer.  Too hot and humid for me is over about 80 degrees with high (over 70% humidity) or or just over 85-ish degrees (with lower or no humidity – wishful thinking on that one) Example, today it is supposed to be 92 degrees with 60% humidity, I’ll be inside well its a rest day but still…Do you have a too hot temp, one that sends you indoors?

Call me a wimp, call me not hard core  i’m not going to suffer but If you really hate the treadmill that much and really really want to be tortured by running in extreme heat and humidity please consider the following:

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Arguably the most important this is to Stay hydrated! Water, Nuun (I can’t stomach it but if you can) or my favorite Skratch Labs ( the lemons and limes flavor is killer) should do the trick. I suppose those ‘aid’ type drinks would work but I don’t endorse them.  The experts recommend that runners drink at least 16 oz (up to about 24 oz) of water or sports drink and water combo one hour before your run and another 4 oz to 8 oz  15 min to 30 min pre run. If you are going to be running longer than 30 minutes it is Carry water with you and drink 3 oz to 6 oz every 15 to 20 minutes to stay hydrated. 

Next up… Ditch cotton Light-colored, tech wicking and lightweight apparel is said to help you stay cooler and dryer. What brands/styles are your favorites?

Protect your skin and eyes!!!  Use water-resistant, sweat proof sunscreen on exposed areas ( your face, neck, arms, legs & ears, yes ear burns suck) I like to stay away from chemical containing products (check out the EWG’s guide HERE)  brands llike Alba, Jason, Natures Gate, or Kiss My Face make good non toxic versions my favorite is from The Honest Company and they just released a spray! (You can also find Honest at Costco and Target)

How do you deal with the summer heat?

*** None of the companies mentioned, asked or paid me in anyway to speak about their products. These are products and purchase, use and love ***

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