Stroller Running

Let’s talk stroller running… DAMN it’s tough, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy especially as the kiddo gets bigger and factoring in I live in a somewhat hilly neighborhood but man it’s tough, especially going up hill which I’m not the best at to begin with, it counts as arm work right? Side note: I really don’t know how people push double strollers with 4 year olds in them AND manage to run 7 minute miles, all I can say is DAMN! are they for real? Look i’m hoping expecting it gets easier as I get used to pushing the weight, as I get back on running track and as I figure out this whole holding on to something while running thing. It’s kind of weird to hold on to something, I’ve been using one hand with the strap around it and that seems to be the most comfortable and natural way at least for me.

We (kid and I) were starting to get on a roll, we’d go out for a quick 2 mile RUNch or an after work 2-3 miles, he was loving it, I was starting to get used to it and figuring out how to best push the stroller without grasping on to it and which roads/trails are better suited for strollers and then winter happened… For about a week we have stuck in the house:  ice, snow, slush, rain, mud, and more rain don’t mix well with a toddler and a stroller right? Am I the only one who doesn’t want to damage the stroller (or get the kid sick)? The 3-ish days of ice, snow and slush was just too dangerous to risk it, I do have yaktraks but the stroller doesn’t (do they make snow tires for BOB’s? kidding) and with rain, I’ll drag myself out in it but I feel like it is unfair to do that to a kid, do the rain protector things actually work? That could be a game changer.

To be real I’m hoping the weather is better for the next few weeks but I am expecting it to suck as most of winter in the northeast does. I’m going to be understanding and do my best to get out with the stroller when it isn’t dangerous, that’s all I (and any of us) can do right?

If you have any stroller running tips or tricks send them my way and happy running!





    Yes!!! The weather guards work wonders against the rain. My daughter was nice and dry, while I was completely soaked. I do recommend putting a towel in the foot basket because the front wheel splashes water up underneath. Also running with the stroller is not my favorite lol but it makes it so much easier to have my BOB when I can't drag myself out of bed before the sun for a run :)

    Stephanie | 2 years ago Reply

      THANKS! this is great to know, I will have to get one :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I did not run when my kids were younger so no real tips. We do have a lot of stroller runners in our MRTT group. I have tried to push them a few times and those things are not easy. Respect!

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

      it sure is tough... hoping to be able to NOT run with the kid once or twice a week :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I don't have a single tip for running with a stroller since I've never done it, but I can't even imagine how tough it must be. Even walking with a stroller makes it a lot tougher. So more power to you. And forget a double stroller.

    Jessie Modrall | 2 years ago Reply

    I haven't had the courage to do stroller-running, I'm afraid that, I might end up hurting my son. But, I've been practicing, bit by bit, and reading some tips online, helps me a lot. By the way, you said that you've been using one hand only? Do you switch sides every few minutes? Hope you're switching sides, or it could result a one very sore arm. Good luck!

    Julie@Consumerion | 1 year ago Reply

      I started slowly with the kiddo, and after he was 1... I think the first few runs i barley went a mile, he seems like it so yay! and yes i switch off hands, depending on the road/sidewalk i like to put my self closer to traffic when anything is questionable although i mostly stick to low traffic high visibility lots of room roads ;)

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

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