I am not a streaker…

nope, not me, not even a little at least not at this time…

I’ve tried to (run) streak in the past, I think I maybe made it 32 days? I can’t remember but now… I couldn’t last 4 days, actually it was 3 days… I couldn’t even make it 3 days. I’m not happy about this but I have accepted that for now it is my reality (maybe one day I’ll have a treadmill – that could make it easier) anyway…

I am not a streaker, however

I have so SO much respect for streakers, it’s not easy to push though bad days, bad weather, work, sickness, holidays, sick family members, life with kids, vacations, life in general and on and on and on so WOW guys you streakers are freeking awesome!

Maybe one day I will streak again but for now it’s a it’s not you it is me kind of thing.

Have you or do you streak?




    Streaking certainly is not for everybody. Personally, I'm kind of an advocate to NOT do run streaks (because our bodies need down time), but I do the Runner's World streaks now and then. And I take it easy...most of the streak runs are simple (and easy-paced) 1-mile runs (usually on the days when I'd normally have a rest day). I like the challenge of doing them...but I'm always so glad when they end. After awhile, it feels more like an obligation than a sincere love for running ;-)

    Kimberly Hatting | 2 years ago Reply

      my body loves down time... maybe too much... and i do NOT want running to ever feel like an obligation so no streaking here ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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