Streaking, DVD Workouts and Food

Why do I commit (to my self at least) to Run Streak? It always ends, badly, or strangely and it usually makes my running less productive, fun and of shorter distances. With that said I believe I am on day 10 or 11 of streaking… ill probably end it in a few days and focus on better, more quality runs… Streaking is not for everyone and this time I may have finally learned that it is not for me, what are your thoughts on streaking?


Or don't
Or don’t

Moving on from my sudo fail streak… I’ve never really been a fan of DVD workouts, over the years I have given P90X a try, various Jillian Michaels DVD’s, a Yoga DVD and Kettlebells DVD’s all a try. None of them got me hyped up or motivated me until …

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVD


My lovely spouse (Yay! I can say spouse now because I’m Married!!) purchased this system a few weeks back and started using it… I have since started using it too… I’m almost done with week 1 and holy bleep! It is intense, awesome, not boring at all and I think I am even seeing results, in the first week! I should note that I started doing this with no intentions of any specific results, goals or even with the  intentions of doing the entire 90 days. Right now, in this moment I love it and will keep with it as long as I like it. If you are looking for DVD home based workouts give this one a look, that is all.


Food, what to eat? what is good, what is bad, what is ok – sometimes, what is gmo, what is natural… is anyone else constantly overwhelmed with food choices? Maybe I’ll go into detail at another time but there is just so much conflicting info on what is good and what is not, it bothers me, a lot! I have been and will continue to stick to a whole foods -the store and the foods 😉 plant based diet, I am the plant based runner after all but even plant foods can be bad and modified, ahhh!



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    streaking really isn't for everyone. it might take away from quality of runs and worse can cause injury. I am fortunate I have found it beneficial for me ... day 178 of my personal streak (started dec 10, 2012) keeps rolling ...

    Christopher Malenab (@chrismalenab) | 5 years ago Reply

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