Starting Over?

Am I starting over? or just finding my base, I mean getting back to my base.

What is a ‘base’ anyway? I guess it only matters what a base is to me right?… I think of it as a I’m not training for a specific event, or distance, I’m simply running for fun, for life, for the enjoyment of it sort of schedule or loose guidelines on what I’m going to do weekly and after a few years of sporadic running – due to injuries, baby incubating and lack of motivation I don’t have base anymore… I think I can head out and do an easy 3 miles but the truth is it’s not easy anymore, I’m literally almost back to zero, like I need to start all over again zero, which is cool, I get it, I took time off I can’t expect it to be easy… it’s just difficult because where do I start? What do I do? I’m not a new runner but my abilities are that of a new runner… kind of. So essentially I am starting over

The big question now is… where do I start? In the past (when training for races ) i’ve tried running 3x, 4x and 5x a week, my favorite tended to be something like

Run 4x a week

Cross train 1x

Rest 2x

Is that what I want to work back to? Is that too ambitious? Is it not enough? Ahhh!! What’s a girl to do?

I’ve got an idea, I’m going to take the final for weeks of 2016 to try to get on a schedule, to try to see what is going to work for me and to set my self up for a good 2017. I took an Orangetheory class yesterday (it was crazy intense and I’m signed up for 2 more this week…) so today will be a rest day… anyway in my attempt to find my new normal here is what I’m hoping my next 2 weeks look like… help me stay accountable!

Monday 5th – Rest

Tuesday 6th – 1.5 – 2.5 run/walk miles

Wednesday 7th – Orangetheory class

Thursday 8th – Rest

Friday 9th – 1.5 – 2.5 run/walk miles

Saturday 10th – Orangetheory class

Sunday 11th – Rest


Monday 12th – 1.5 – 2.5 run/walk miles

Tuesday 13th – Cross training TBD

Wednesday 14th – Rest

Thursday 15th – 1.5 – 2.5 run/walk miles

Friday 16th – Rest

Saturday 17th – 1.5 – 2.5 run/walk miles

Sunday 18th – Rest

After these next 2 weeks I should have a pretty good idea if this or part of this is or none of it is or is not working and hopefully I’ll be on my way to getting into a solid routine and establishing my new base, fingers crossed!

Have you ever had to start over? what did you do? and what do you do when you aren’t training for a race?




    When I'm not training for a there such a time? 😂 Lately I've always been in training but a good base level is about 5 days a week with two days of cross training. I think it's great you're taking a little hiatus to try new things and mix things up a bit.

    Sonia | 2 years ago Reply

      2 cross training days sounds fun, ill have to think about that :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Ah, I relate on having to start over! I've done it twice - once after recovering from injury, and once when I stopped running for several years. It's challenging knowing it's an uphill battle - but I've found as long as you stay active, the base comes back pretty quickly. I bet you'll be surprised in a good way. =)

    Emily @ Out and About | 2 years ago Reply

      hopefully you are right! i know it wont just magically come back but with a little hard work hope it wont be as hard as the first time ever :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I think its always better to start out really slow and easy. I like using run/walks as I get back into running especially after time off from an injury! You will get back to where you want to be, just take your time:)

    milebymileblog1 | 2 years ago Reply

      I do NOT want to get injured so I am going slow slow slow ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I always feel like I am starting over! I just think we go through normal cycles with running. Sometimes 5 miles is a breeze sometimes 1 mile is hard. Hang in there!

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

      i know its all part of the sport (and life) but its tough to being again ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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