If you know me or if you follow me anywhere else you know I’m crazy totally 150% obsessed with my socks… but not just any socks PRO Compression socks! Just as a back story I hate socks, I always hated socks, as a kid, as a teen, as an adult, socks and me were NOT buddies… until I met PRO Compression socks. They are literally the only socks I can tolerate, low, medium, high, if I need socks (To this day I mostly only wear socks when running/working out) I wear PROs and I wear them because they are awesomesauce.

My PROs on vacation
My PROs on vacation

In the interest of full disclosure I’d like to remind everyone that yes I am (at least until the end of the year) a PRO Compression Ambassador and I sometimes I do get socks from them at no cost HOWEVER!!! I was a huge fan, supporter and purchaser BEFORE I got anything for ‘free’ or before any discounts – I actually applied and got denied for being an ambassador for 4 years! thats dedication right? So anyway what I’m trying to say is my maybe considered large collection of socks is mine and I am not getting paid, compensated or bribed in any way to write these words.  Sad I have to go there but I just want to be clear that I am honest AF and I love PRO socks almost as much as I love my kids. 

Back to my point. I’m sure you have heard of compression socks, maybe you have tried them, maybe you like them, maybe you hate them, maybe you wear a different brand, maybe you think socks are just socks and don’t care about the design or potential benefits – that’s all cool, whatever works for you right? It doesn’t matter if graduated compression helps combat muscle soreness and fatigue, helps prevent shin splints, helps reduce the risk of blood clots, or helps repair muscles, who cares right? I don’t love PRO socks because that they are super soft, 100% comfortable, and easy to pull on and off (for compression) or because they are designed and manufactured in the USA, and I especially don’t care that PRO socks come in super awesome designs, why would that matter at all? …

You can sense the intense sarcasm through the interwebs right? I hope so. You can? ok…good.

Just some socks...
Just some socks…

If you haven’t given PRO Compression socks a try you should, you will probably love them and get hooked like me. I’m not trying to convert you, I just want everyone to be aware of the awesomeness. So maybe you will try them and it will be life changing or maybe you won’t try them or like the, and in that case it’ll be more socks for me.

Some of my favs
Some of my favs


Tell me about your sock situation. Love them? Hate them?

Side note if you love PRO and want to be an ambassador, apply NOW (here)


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    You already know I'm a lover of Pro Compression! LoL :)

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