Not much can compete with a post run smoothie; cold, refreshing, replenishings and (at least for me) usually chocolate. Whoever started the post workout smoothie trend deserves a gigantic medal.

Although chocolate based anything is my favorite I am open to other types of smoothies. When I’m out of chocolate (imagine the horror) a fruity strawberry banana smoothie or a thick salty peanut butter one will almost do the trick. I recently discovered that chocolate and blueberry taste supprisingly delicious, who knew?

smoothie supplies

If all this talk of yummy smoothies is exciting you my go to shake recipe is below.

6 oz milk (hemp, coconut, soy or almond plain, vanilla or  chocolate) I use rotate between Chocolate almond & chocolate soy. 

1/2 to a full serving of protein powder . I use typically use 1/2 serving of trader joes chocolate hemp protein powder.  

A tablespoon of Chia Seeds

A tablespoon of nut butter . I use whatever I have lying around almond, pb & or cashew

1/2 to a full frozen banana.

Handful of frozen berries. Depends on what I have – strawberries, raspberries and or blueberries.


Slurp down.

chocolate almond milk blueberry strawberry banana hemp protein smoothie

I know that this isn’t super helpful but depending on what milk, protein and nut butter you use this shake should yield one serving with 200-300 calories, 8-18 grams protein, 5-12 fat, 5-12 fiber. The perfect post run recovery.

What do you put into your favorite smoothies?

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