Slumps happen, right?

To all off us?

In any sport?

At any time?

Even to the pros?

I hope so. Well I don’t hope so but you know I hope it’s not just me.

I’ve been in a running slump lately, not motivated, not at all, and I’m not sure what to do…

I want to run, I want to workout, kinda… but then I just don’t, i’d rather snuggle with the kiddo, take the dog for a walk or just do nothing.

Hopefully this ends soon… hopefully i get through this slump ASAP



How do you guys deal with (and get through) slumps?


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    Slumps totally happen to a lot of people; you're not alone. I just had one after I finished training this spring...I was just burnt out on all the long distance running and crazy training I'd been doing. So I took a few weeks off (not totally but I worked out in different ways) and then I got back to running. Now I'm focusing on 5ks so it's not as long of a distance or not as much time spent training. If I feel like doing a longer run I will but I'm not scheduling them so I don't feel like I half to do them.

    Montana Ross | 2 years ago Reply

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