Let’s talk sleep… I LOVE to sleep!

I’ve even trained my toddler to sleep in  so far sleep late enough (no 6am waking up here) any who Sleep! for athletes, especially runners, is super important… so much so that a lot of places have written about it (here and here and here and here)… sleep is important for recovery and performance. It is pretty common knowledge that adults need 7-8 hours a night however did you know that the experts say that athletes need closer to 10 hours!

I’m no expert but I do have a few tips for better and longer sleep!

  • Get into bed earlier than ‘bed time’ – In my house its 30-45 mins early. We try to stop looking at social media, talk or read to wind down which leads into my next tip…
  • Put the phone down! – put it out of reach, turn it off, leave it in another room, whatever works just stop looking at the interwebs or playing games (Side Note: I often read books on my phone and or tablet which is not the best but it is different from say looking at Facebook)
  • Turn off the lights – or at least the bright lights, they are way too stimulating… a dull or mellow light better, think calming and dim.
  • NO TV in the bed room – Well you can have one, I can’t tell you that you can’t have one that’s silly it’s just that TVs interrupt sleep, they keep you awake longer and prevent relaxing so turn it off 30 mins or more before bed and if you can cover it, like in a cabinet or something … I don’t have one in my bedroom, it’s too tempting to watch all night and something about a blank screen looking at me while I sleep is strange, not to mention the maybe harmful electronic waves and energy in the room…  my phone has enough of that

Check out this graphic I found for some more sleep enhancing tips:


and Casper (you know… those guys with the super cool mattress commercials – I don’t have one but next time I’m in need of a mattress i’m calling them) have a sweet chart with the restorative benefits of sleep… looks like the 3rd stage of sleep is the best… maybe ‘best’ isn’t the proper word. The third stage of sleep is the more restorative – yay for repairing muscles! and restoring energy!


I am for 8-9 hours a night, I usually get somewhere in there maybe a little less some nights and a little more others… I didn’t always sleep well, or enough so I made some of the above changes, the getting into bed earlier was probably the most helpful, followed by the less electronics before bed and overall I know when I sleep more (like at least 8 closer to 9 hours a night) I recover from workouts faster. Yay for sleep! How much sleep do you get?


    I keep telling my husband we need to get into bed earlier and read or something. It's hard to get him there

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

      its hard to change habits... took us a good 3 months of trying to get into bed earlier to actually do it nightly ;) totally worth the struggle though

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I cant emphasize how much I love sleep, lol. I do wish I could get more sleep but I'm slowly working on it

    kookyrunner | 2 years ago Reply

    I go to bed pretty early and wake up early. We do have a TV in the bedroom but if my husband cant sleep he will go downstairs to watch TV if I am already asleep. I can pretty much sleep through anything though!

    milebymileblog1 | 2 years ago Reply

      i sleep though not much... i used to be able to sleep through it all but not anymore :( maybe its old age or having a kid that changed that :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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