My cross training /cross fit has been severely slacking, and lacking, unless you count packing, dragging and moving boxes up and down steps and in and out of trucks? I suppose that counts a little bit… however it doesn’t make up for my kettlebells, ugi ball and free weights collecting dust or my equalizer turning into a clothing rack, moving has sucked the motivation out from under me.

During the pre move, pretty much the past 2 weeks through now I haven’t touched my strength training equipment or really done any cross training. Rest days were spent packing, shopping, making moving arrangements and now unpacking, organizing, lounging and cursing moving. I feel weak, not sick, not tired (ok tired but not muscle tired) just weak, weak like my muscles are no longer strong, like I lost what I was starting to build.

I cannot allow my self to slack anymore, I know I can justify everything, I’ve still been running and its only been a few weeks, so it’s not that bad but it is because I don’t want to slack, I don’t want to feel weak and lazy and struggle to carry a box. I was working towards becoming strong, physically strong, and I veered off the road, headed for a dark trail and now I’m turning around, retracing my steps and choosing the I’m going to be ripped and strong path.

fork-in-the-road 2 paths

So for all the slackers out there, the procrastinators, the ‘I’ve fallen off the wagon-ers”, the quitters, the ones who have given up and the people who have yet to start I say LETS DO THIS! Lets get back on track, chose the right path, we missed whatever we have missed, we messed up whatever we messed up, it’s in the past lets look towards the future and get back at it, who’s with me?

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