Sick, Missing and Back In Action

I’ve been sick, too sick to run for about 3 weeks. I tried to rest, I tried to rest some more and I tried to run. Being sick, too sick to run is not fun and it makes for sad, woe is me blogging… so I haven’t blogged.

A rough seasonal allergy  patch, sore throat, watery eyes, cough, drippy nose turned into a bad cold (with a fever) that led to a double ear infection and a strong antibiotic. All of this has left me barely able to walk around the block (3/4 mile) with the dog without feeling tired/out of breath/sick. Blah!

Me, minus the bangs

I am finally starting to feel better and this week I WILL RUN however it will be too little too late for my upcoming Trail Half. I am 99% sure I will have to sit this one out. A big bummer but I’ll have missed a total of 4 weeks training (4 out of the last 5 – if you can even count a taper week as a week) so it would be foolish to run. There will be other races and other medals.

As a slight side note – the protein shakes that I had been drinking just about daily was causing my gastrointestinal disturbances in August. I didn’t have one for 2 weeks, had no symptoms, had one and the symptoms appeared. Upon further research others have had similar issues with the product, it seems to be a sensitivity to some of the ingredients, eek!

Happy Running!


    You talking about plantfusion? Hope you get better and find a new drink!

    Alex (@alexbridgeforth) | 6 years ago Reply

      seems to be most of the plant based one's... grrrr :(

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

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