Seasonal Allergies

I’ve blogged about my struggle with running and allergies quite a few times (in-depth here and here ) and still years later it SUCKS.

I’ve got NO working tips for you

I’ve got NO advice that works well- at least it doesn’t work for me

I don’t want to complain, been there, done that. Everyone who suffers from seasonal allergies knows how awful it is why complain right? If it won’t help the issue its not worth the time anyway I’m really just looking for advice, things that work if they exist?

I know all the typical stuff, like pollen counts are higher in the before 10am so run later in the day, windy days makes it worse, shower right after and wash your clothes asap, run inside (yuck), wear sunglasses if pollen hurts your eyes which it does to mine, run in or right after rain if you are lucky enough to have rain and be able to do that, avoid parks or tree filled trails and suck it up…

allergies everywhere allergy seasonal

So the answer so far has been well  tough luck girl, if running later in the day doesn’t work suck it up and haha jokes on you…

Look… I do suck it up, well I do try… I don’t not run for 3 months because of some little pollen monsters floating around however its really hard to suck it up when your eyes are watering and blurry, your nose is running or sneezing and you have coughing fits…so I just want to make sure I am trying EVERYTHING out there and for now I’ll take my own advice and try to run in the evenings while I patiently wait for a miracle cure to seasonal allergies, magic advice and or an all expenses paid offer to move to a land far far away with no allergens


    We had a really bad week of tree pollen here and it gives me a serious headache. This too shall pass I guess

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 1 year ago Reply

      yes it shall, fingers crossed! I usually have on and off issues all spring/summer/fall but its always worse in spring when the allergens start to bloom, blah!

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

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