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Training schedule color coded half marathon 10k


By 8AM this morning I had filled in my paper monthly calendars with various types of training days…Hills, Speed Work, Cross Training, Long Runs, Races, and Rest Days, oh my! In the past I’ve used apps, note card sized calendars, full size calendars, iPhone app calendars, even writing on actual calendars, online tools, nothing, scattered notes, spreadsheets and thoughts in my head.

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy planning, scheduling, color coding, and putting my training schedule on paper. It must be my internal designer (maybe design training) and OCD kicking in. Having it all on paper makes it feel more real, allows me to see weeks (and months) at once, makes it easier to adjust via crossing something off and or moving it around with arrows and lets me chart projected mileage versus actual mileage. Plus I have a slight obsession with highlighters and don’t get you use them nearly enough.

So… do you schedule your training in advance? Do you plan out runs for days? weeks? months? or years? Do you keep track on paper? in spreadsheet? through an app? on the wall? in your phone? in a folder? in your head? I’m curious, fill me in.



    I'm guilty of having at least 3 planners going at any given time. I get a serious kick out of organizing my training schedule - it gets me pumped up to actually do it!!

    Martha | 5 years ago Reply

      Me too! It's almost as awesome as getting new gear ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    I am a bit OCD too and write out my workouts like you do. I plan them out when training for a race but when I am just working out for me I normally don't plan too much. I think I might start to more though because it helps keep me on track

    Danielle @ Truffles n' Treadmills | 5 years ago Reply

      Yup! I like to have races all year long so i can plan all year so i can stay on track, I notice when I dont plan it out I am not as consistant ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

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