Running Sucks

Running sucks.

Running sucks for a boat load of reasons, every changing, horrible, awful, dreadful, sad reasons. Examples include, injuries, laundry, expensive must have gear, blisters, missing runs, humidity, sore muscles, bad runs, dead GPS watches,  way too freeking early race starts, chafing, RUNger, ice, broken cell phones, lack of PRs, race costs – shall I go on? or can we conclude that running sucks?

Why so negative? I don’t look at this as negative, I see it as real. I love running, I love the good and the bad and I  had this running sucks thought the other day while out on a not so hot- i don’t think I can run anymore- why do I suck at running – well you did take like a year off – not by choice – it takes time to get back into shape- you’ll get back to being a slow real runner one day – oh will you, really?- i need to improve- why is it so cold wasn’t it 65 yesterday- grrr i’m slow – must get faster- must run further – why is this so hard = oh look its raining -blah run and I thought dammit that silly t-shirt is right, running does freeking suck. It especially sucks when your mind and body don’t align.

Look… I LOVE Running. Running is AWESOME (when you can do it and things are going great… but mostly it sucks) running is my top choice for exercise, fun, mental health, fitness, health, weekend activities, thing to throw bags of money at, I love running. It just does suck, not all the time but sometimes and this is one of the sometimes. I thought it was my mind that needed to catch up with my body so that I could get back to really really loving my runs, but it’s not just my mind, it is my body, I cannot do what I use to be able to, I can go as far, as fast as hard and for as long as I was able to before injury, baby and a year off AND I know I will get back there, maybe even better than I was before but right now running sucks. I still love you running but dammit you suck.

Do you ever think running sucks?




    Absolutely! I'm looking out the window at ice-rink sidewalks, thinking I either skip the run or take my life in my hands, both of which suck. And sometimes it's hard, or tedious, or painful, or time-sucking. But that's all part of what makes it awesome. I mean, I love watching Netflix, but nothing about binge-watching iZombie makes me feel better physically, or like I actually accomplished something. I almost never regret going for a run, afterwards, even when it sucks before or during.

    Another Jen | 2 years ago Reply

      right? even a awful run is better than no run at all ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    There are definitely parts about running that suck! I think all the good stuff just stands out more than the bad for me though.

    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine | 2 years ago Reply

      yes the good (usually) is much better than the bad ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Haha. This definitely made me laugh. Yes, sometimes running sucks (I once wrote a post called Running is Hard, which is true too). Thanks for linking up at the Running Coaches' Corner!

    Debbie Woodruff | 2 years ago Reply

      ;) I'll look up your post... running is SO hard

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I so think running sucks a lot of the time! Why do we continue to do something that sucks so much? Because the feeling we get when we do trumps all of the bad things! Keep it up! I hope you get your mojo back!!! | 2 years ago Reply

      yes! this! the good is totally worth the bad ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I've had these thoughts before- quite often. I especially have them as we are coming into the summer season and humidity rears it's ugly head! Something that helps me is to write down when I'm having thoughts like this and then re-frame them in a positive way. But yes, running sucks a lot. It's also awesome, just like you said!

    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder | 2 years ago Reply

      oh humidity ick! not looking forward to that, at least we have 'spring' before it gets really bad ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Ha - I can relate to this at times! Sometimes there are runs where my legs just don't want to move and all i can think about is how much I'd rather be at home, laying on the sofa, eating something terrible like Doritos, and watching bad TV. But I also try to remind myself that the feeling usually passes and at some point the run will get better!

    Sun | 2 years ago Reply

      it always passes right? thank goodness for running so we can lay on the sofa and eat chips (and cookies!)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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