Running Alone

I think all runners will agree that running with a group, your other half or friends can be motivating, exciting and fun. I’m sure from time to time we have all had the though that running alone was quite, lonely, peaceful boring and or therapeutic.

I like running with others, occasionally.  For me, there is something amazing about running alone; the silence, the oneness with the road, actually being alone. It’s me and the street, no chit chat, no music, no extra pitter patter of feet, no one to worry about except myself.


95% of my runs are alone. My feet hitting the pavement, my lungs breathing, my head clearing. No distractions, no one to keep up with, no one to entertain. Running alone gives me time to disconnect and the ability to listen to my body. I’ve noticed when I run with someone else I can lose focus and become distracted causing sloppy form and vast changes in my pace. With all of that said I still think that running buddies are awesome and will continue to run with others periodically.

Do you run alone? with a group? with your other half?


    Nearly always alone. My wife will sometimes join me on my shorter runs, but running is mainly something I do alone. It offers me the time that I need to disconnect from the world. Like you, I enjoy running with others when I run with a group, but I value my time on the road or trails alone.

    Greg | 6 years ago Reply

      good to know im not the only one who enjoys being alone when they run, for the most part ;)

      Run From The Heart | 6 years ago Reply

    Running alone is always fun. I always try to run alone. For me music is a must which keeps me going a bit far...

    Ketan | 6 years ago Reply

    I always run alone. It is a pure joy. I listen to music to go a bit longer during the runs...

    Ketan | 6 years ago Reply

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