Runner Box Giveaway

Last week I received something very cool in the mail, a RUNNER BOX. A what you wonder? A Runner tested, runner approved box filled with a sampling of running related nutrition supplements and products.

The Box ... The RUNNER BOX
The Box … The RUNNER BOX

Looks cool but why do I need this and what’s inside?  For starters some products included are new to the market, don’t you want to be on the front lines testing and exposing your running buddies to awesome new products?  Also some products are sample sized, you know that tub of protein you have wanted to try but are too skeptical to drop $40 on it? Runner Box lets you browse before you commit and exposes you to things you may never had know about or tried, that’s why you need it.

Ok, Ok, this sounds great and all but I NEED to know what the heck was in your box already!


My Runner Box contained the following:

  • Orange blinking please do not run me over light
  • Honey Stinger vanilla Wafer
  • Get Limber Tea – In a fabulous travel tin
  • Generation UCAN Smoothie Packets (Chocolate & Pomegranate Blueberry)
  • Honey Stinger Chews
  • Jelly Belly Sports Beans
  • Emergen-C Joint Health
  • Accel Chocolate Gel
  • Hoo Ha (anti chafing) Cream
  • Jolt Energy Gum

I am officially hooked, in love and can’t wait for my next one. My rating? A+, 10 out of 10, 100% awesome.

Don’t take my word for it, try one yourself. Visit to sign up or … the great folks over at RUNNER BOX  want to give one of my readers a chance to win a box of your own, enter below, tell a friend and good luck!

runner box quote

PS – the inside of the box came equip with a great quote, double yay! and don’t forget to register to check out my FROSTY Virtual Race (here) or register (here) because everyone needs a snowman medal!


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    I love being a lab rat and trying out new products. The Runner Box looks pretty cool. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Charles Mandel | 6 years ago Reply

      I'm right there with you, being a lab rat is fun!

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I would love to try the Jolt Energy Gum and the Get Limber Tea. Those would help with my running!

    Francine | 6 years ago Reply

      The tea is tasty and I never would have know it was out there if it wasn't for the Runner Box ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I would love to try out any energy gels. I'm always a little shy to buy a big box at the store and be stuck with something I don't like.

    becca | 6 years ago Reply

      I know, I hesitate all the time, a box or gels or gu or blocks is a lot, some stores don't sell individuals and the ones that do are way over priced

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I am intrigued by the Honey Stinger chews and the Smoothie packets. I'm a total sucker for the niche box subscription services and Runnerbox, from your review, looks awesome!

    Anne W. | 6 years ago Reply

    Love honey stingers, used to be a GU girl, never going back ;)

    Darlena | 6 years ago Reply

    This is an awesome idea! Love it.

    Jacki | 6 years ago Reply

    What a fun idea! I'd love Hammer products in my Runner Box :)

    Jen | 6 years ago Reply

    Honey Stinger gels and Nuun would be my perfect box! Or Injinji socks :)

    Sheena | 6 years ago Reply

    Oh! What an awesome thing!!! I looooooove everything from Honey Stingers. Definitely gonna go check this site out.

    Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness | 6 years ago Reply

    Neat idea! I'd like to try the honeystingers, I haven't had them yet.

    Coco | 6 years ago Reply

    The wafers and sports beans! I love sports beans

    Kaylin | 6 years ago Reply

    very cool. I would want to try a Generation UCAN!

    Jenelle | 6 years ago Reply

    Great idea. Several items I would like to try.

    Glenda | 6 years ago Reply

    The tea looks great!

    Jillian | 6 years ago Reply

    This looks so super ultra mega cool!

    Aimee Price | 6 years ago Reply

    I'm a new runner and have never tried energy gels. Would love to give some of these products a try!

    Meghan | 6 years ago Reply

    Would love to try the Honey Stingers!

    Tracey | 6 years ago Reply

    The tea and the blinker.

    manda | 6 years ago Reply

    I'd love to try the Honey Stinger products in that box. I've seen them mentioned a bunch of times and people seem to LOVE them?! I'd like to know if I would love them as much (and especially if my belly would love them, that's always the kicker for me) :)

    Evelin (@evelinruns on Twitter) | 6 years ago Reply

    the sports beans

    Julie | 6 years ago Reply

    Love the idea of this box!

    Ashley Randall | 6 years ago Reply

    I love the chocolate gel

    Donna | 6 years ago Reply

    I love the idea of a runner's box! What a fun way to try out products before you commit!

    Amy Runs | 6 years ago Reply

    That looks like fun. I would be a sucker for the Honey Stingers.

    Josie | 6 years ago Reply

    Would love to try Honey Stinger!

    bethp262 | 6 years ago Reply

    Those cherryblossom honey stingers look like they would be great to try!

    Louise Bourque Cunningham | 6 years ago Reply

    Honey Stingers!

    Jen | 6 years ago Reply

    The blinking light & the tea! How cool is this box!

    Erin V | 6 years ago Reply

    Love, love, love honey stingers!

    Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me | 6 years ago Reply

    The smoothies and chafing cream sound great. I love trying new smoothies!

    Shannon Chenoweth | 6 years ago Reply

    The Jelly Beans!

    Rana@Life Love Pursuit of Running | 6 years ago Reply

    honey stingers and sports beans

    Joanna Broadbent | 6 years ago Reply

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