Redding Road Race – A Run for the Cows!

On sunday May 6th I ran the 1st inaugural Redding Road Race – A Run for the Cows! An interesting and scenic course that started 1/4 mile away from the farm lead us through and around the farm grounds, looped out and around a 2 neighboring towns and finished back through a barn and on the field of the farm.

The Farm – credit

This course was all hills; lots of uphills, a few downhills and a few rolling hills. The hills were rough, especially the hill at mile 3 and the ‘last’ major hill at mile 5.5.  For some perspective this course made the central park full loop look flat. Lucky  me this was perfect training for my upcoming races  (2 10k’s, 1/2 marathon, 5M & 4M over the next 8 weeks). The bad news? I need hill work, and lots of it.

The last .5 mile was almost all downhill (slight incline the last 50 yards) what a relief, hills at the end of courses are cruel.

me 1/10th of a mile from the finish

This was my 2nd 10k, I didn’t feel like it but  technically I had about a 2 minute PR, yay me! The medal, the scenery, the organization, the beneficiary and the post race food – awesome coffee, bagels, fruit, cookies, and granola made it all worth it.

I would have loved to run faster and harder. I thought I could have, more like I hoped I could have, but I didn’t and I couldn’t. I need to keep reminding my self that my progression will be slow and that is ok. I have asthma and it is allergy season. My lungs do not work the way everyone elses do under normal circumstances and  allergies just make it worse. I can and will still run. I may be slow but I am still a runner.

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