Products I Love Early 2016 Edition

I love the following products… like A LOT. Some are obviously running related, some are related by association (example the vitamix) the one thing they all have in common (besides my love) is that they have helped me run… run better, run smarter, run more often, run safer and so on. Because I love them all equally they are in alphabetical order.

Brooks – Ghost 7’s (the Ghost 8’s are out, I know, I’ll be getting them soon)

ghost7 brooks brooks runner ghost

It took me a while to find my perfect sneaker match, I tried many sneakers, many brands, many types, found a few along the way that I also like a lot but the Ghost’s, I can’t even explain… if the shoe fits right? I love these, for me they contain the perfect blend of neutral, cushion and support, plus they come in super awesome colors!

Garmin – I didn’t use to be sold, now I’m HOOKED.

fenix 3 fenix3 rose gold rosegold garmin gps watch

I ran for a while without a watch, what the hell was I thinking? How silly was I using my GPS on my phone or <gasp> nothing at all? No wonder I never got much faster or further, I didn’t know the mistakes I was making. Before my love affair with Garmin I used a different brand, I thought it was great… until I used a Garmin and realized how crappy my original brand was, not a shock when they stopped making GPS watches shortly after I switched. I’ve used and owned quite a few Garmin’s over the past few (4 is still a few right?) years my favorite was the 610, now I use the 235 when I want to look during my runs and the 15 when I want to run semi naked yet have the data for after. I’m horrible about uploading data and apparently I have like 3 different accounts, oops. Major goal for 2016 is to use one account and to actually upload my runs. If you follow me on social you know I’m OBSESSED with the Rose Gold Fenix 3, hoping Garmin comes out with a built-in HR monitor version, if so I’ll be the first in line for it. I don’t line up for iPhones but I would for this.

Pro Compression – Marathon Socks & Trainer Low’s & PC Runners

ProCompression Logo

BEST SOCKS EVER! and that is coming from a know sock hater… yes I hate socks, all socks EXCEPT for Pro Compression’s I don’t normally wear socks, not even in the dead of winter… I do however wear Pro Compression to run/workout.

Spin Bike – Prefect cross training partner

Spinning Accent bike spin

Great for those icy, freezing, humid, hot as hell days. Oh also, perfect for crossing training.

Target C9 Gear – Practical & dare I say Stylish?

target c9

I like c9 gear… It’s not the fanciest, it’s not the highest quality but for me it works, yeah I have other pieces but I always come back to my C9 pants, shirts and outerwear.

Trigger Point – The GRID

tpt grid foam roller the grid trigger point

Yup, the GRID… I know, I know, everyone has one (they should!), everyone loves it (because its awesome!) and it is truly the best foam roller out there. Enough said.

Vitamix – The Best Blender

vitamix blender 750

I use my Vitamix mostly for smoothies. Seems crazy to have such an expensive piece of kitchen equipment just for smoothies however it was a wedding gift and it is the best, I’ve tried others they don’t come close to the awesomeness that is the Vitamix.

Yoga – For Core Strength and Flexibility

yoga warrior

Ok this is not a product, you cannot buy it but it is important and I need to do more Yoga, a lot more

What are some of your favorite running related products?

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    I definitely love my Vitamix, too. It's so nice to never have to worry about what you're throwing in there and if the machine can handle it. I picked up a pair of Asics GT2000s. They are last year's model, but I am head over heels in love with them. So much so that I went back and got a second pair in a different colours scheme. My favourite thing of all so far this year, though, is my Buff. I picked this one ( and I love it. I use it mostly as a neck warmer, but on a few cold runs I've brought it up over my face and ears as well. Best discovery of 2016 by far!

    Carly | 2 years ago Reply

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