PRO Compression Socks Review and Giveaway

Up until a few years ago compression socks (stockings) were commonly worn by diabetics, why? because they stimulate blood flow. Compression socks aid in recovery and according to Runners World ‘A 2009 German study clearly indicates that they (compression socks) enhance performance during hard runs.’ Perfect! Don’t we all want to enhance our performance? I know I do and if socks can make me faster and preform better sign me up.

I should note that I generally detest socks, they make my feet feel claustrophobic, itchy, and hot.  Insert PRO Compression socks, their website says they are noticeably tight and require more effort to put on than standard socks in your drawer. Indeed they are and they are also noticeably more awesome! My dog was laughing at me while I was struggling to get them on.  PRO Compression’s site goes on to say But it’s that extra effort and much-needed compression that make all the difference. Be patient and your feet will thank you. I was surprised how tight they were and how my feet (and calf’s) enjoyed the tightness.  After wearing for a few days (not consecutively) I have noticed that my legs feel like they can handle more miles.

PRO Compression socks have made their way on to my must have list of running supplies, right next to sneakers and wicking clothing. These socks are fabulous, a must have for any and every runner. Everyone needs a pair of bright pink, green and or argyle compression socks and the amazing guys over at PRO Compression want to make that happen. Not only are they giving away a pair to one of you but they have also given me a discount code to share! Use code ‘FIT40‘ for  40% off and free shipping. It’s the holidays, treat yourself or your favorite runner to a pair and ‘Keep It Tight’ aka #keepittight

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Disclaimer: PRO Compression provided me with these socks, all options are my own


    I wear my compression socks during my runs and after for recovery. I love them! I love the pink but want the purple

    Natalie | 6 years ago Reply

      Debating purchasing purple while I type this ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    LOVE my ProCompressions! Couldn't have gotten through a marathon without them! I love my bright yellow ones, but think the pink argyle is a closet must!

    Abby | 6 years ago Reply

      The pink argyle are fun! would be awesome for spring races ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    Love my compression socks! Got purple on right now!

    Jen | 6 years ago Reply

      Yay! for Purple, seems to be a popular color

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I love my compression socks! I always wear them after long runs and wore them for the first time during a marathon--legs felt great and no blisters, either!

    bethp262 | 6 years ago Reply

      Forgot to say, I have and love the yellow but want to get the orange!

      bethp262 | 6 years ago Reply

      No blisters for a marathon? thats awesome & good to know ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I have a pair of compression sleeves I love, socks might be nice for colder runs. I'd love the hot pink pair!

    Lauren | 6 years ago Reply

      I haven't tested yet but I get the feeling they will be great with tights for 35-45ish degree temps ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I've got compression sleeves, but really want to try the knee length socks. The hot pink pair look so fun. :)

    DisneyBride | 6 years ago Reply

    These look awesome. Are they for the gentlemen, too?

    Curt | 6 years ago Reply

      Yes! They are unisex and come in neutral colors like Black, White and Khaki Argyle!

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

        Slick! Guess I'd go for the black pair if given the choice. Would love to try them out on some runs. Totally beginner runner, gear is certainly something I am still unfamiliar with. Thanks!

        Curt | 6 years ago Reply

    I always have to go with Purple...I wear my compression socks to run, I even wore them under my boots to work yesterday, my legs felt great!!

    Holly | 6 years ago Reply

      All day = ultimate recovery? Purple is my favorite color!

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I would love to win a pair in hot pink or black.

    Anna Louise Downing | 6 years ago Reply

    I'd love to have some for post race recovery, and depending on the distance, during the race as well. As for color, I'd get purple.

    Gabby S | 6 years ago Reply

      Purple is mighty popular! They will be my next purchase ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply


    Joanna Broadbent | 6 years ago Reply

    I wear them just after my long runs. Helps the throbbing in my claves!! I have pink would love black now!!

    katie F. | 6 years ago Reply

    Pink!!! And I need them to run my half marathons (this is new!) :) And just to wear around town because runners are cool :)

    Mindy Artze | 6 years ago Reply

    I rock my compression socks always on long runs and then the rest of the day after that, plus the next day! I love my pink argyle ones but I need more!

    Cecilia | 6 years ago Reply

      Every runner needs more than one pair right?

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I could live in compression gear! I LOVE my socks!!

    Laurel C | 6 years ago Reply

      Someone should make compression PJ's ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I would wear them running! Love the purple!

    Stephanie | 6 years ago Reply

      Purple is the clear winner! Yay for purple!

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I wear Pro Compression during runs and after runs and to bed and to work the next day and sometimes the day after that. Love them. I wish the had stripes but my favorite color is neon yellow!

    Ashley | 6 years ago Reply

      I heard a rumor about candy cane striped ones...

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    I love me some knee socks in general, so I'm pretty sure I would rock them during training, after training, and maybe even try them at work (I stand all day). Multipurpose!!! Hmmm... Just can't decide between the purple or the pink... Decisions!!

    Lindsey Turner | 6 years ago Reply

    You weren't joking, this is awesome! I love compression socks and actually need a new pair coming off my injury. :-) Love the hot pink as well!

    Hollie | 6 years ago Reply

    Pink for sure!!!

    Amanda | 6 years ago Reply

    I love the argyle socks. Just adds a bit of I don't know what to a running outfit. I love socks. Running or otherwise.

    Nicki | 6 years ago Reply

    I love the look of the purple ones! I tend to usually wear mine for recovery - sometimes overnight - but have also worn them during races and love the feel!

    Cathryn | 6 years ago Reply

    I have a pair of black and hot pink (different brand - gift)... the pink seem like more fun but the black go with more of my workout gear... definately black!

    Laura B | 6 years ago Reply

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