Pi Day 5K Recap

Yay Pi Day! A day for the geeks, nerds, and numbers people (in all of us?)

It’s been a very long time since I have recapped a race, even longer since I’ve run one and maybe the first time I’ve ever recapped a virtual race.

I decided to do Fitfam’s Pi Day5K because umm Pi Day! and because the profits went to a STEM charity double yay!

It was a cold, rainy, dark, morning after day light savings time morning, blah. I was draggy and ready to go back to bed the entire run but I didn’t because I needed to earn my race bling. My miles were uneventful and I was happy to get back inside, there really isn’t much more to say, it would have been nice to run with someone else though.

pi day 5k medal fit fam race piday piday5k

The swag was pretty awesome. T-Shirt, medal, pie server thingie, sticker and a bib. The digital swag was pretty cool too, look at the printable Pi poster!

pi day 2016 piday5k piday fitfam


Sadly I had no pie to eat after my run, did you run 3.14  for Pi Day?



    I love the theme of this race! That's the great thing about virtual races, sometimes they can give you that extra motivation you need to go out and get it done :)

    Chaitali | 2 years ago Reply

      totally! and they have pretty cool swag sometimes so double motivation ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Sometimes you run a race for the swag and the charity!

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

    What a fun race theme - I love the idea of celebrating Pi Day with a 3.14 mile run! Although I think it should be mandatory that pie awaits you after finishing ;) Cute medal!

    Sun | 2 years ago Reply

    I didn't think of this on pi day! What a fun race!

    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine | 2 years ago Reply

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