Time for another installment of my semi frequent Foods For Runners themed posts…

This time.. PASTA!

penne pasta

Ok so maybe this isn’t news to anyone… pasta has long been a runner’s best friend… like forever right? Do you know why? If you think it may have something to do with the carbo loading easily digestible carbs that help you restock glycogen (aka energy) stores? You are correct!

Did you also know that whole-grain versions of pasta contain more fiber, additional B vitamins (this is good for energy metabolism. Also there are some of types of pasta (the ones with added fiber and protein – Barilla makes a decent one) that offer added heart-healthy omega-3 fats from flaxseed and added protein from ground lentils which helps with muscle repair and recovery.

whole wheat pasta

You all know how to eat pasta right? Italian style with marinara sauce? pasta salads? pasta bakes? asian style pasta? GF pasta? pasta and veggies? pasta as a side? pasta as the main course?  pasta with beans… have you had that? White beans work well for Italian style. I’m a HUGE fan of pasta (I look like I am too hahaha) some of my favorite ways to eat pasta is rigatoni with marinara sauce, a pasta Primavera and Forks over Knives has a pretty awesome Mexican pasta dish (here) that it making its way into my favorite meals.

How do you eat your pasta?


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