NYRR Mini 10K and Evian’s Jackie Warner Workout

The morning started off rocky, rushed and different. It was first time Jen and I decided to take the train into Manhattan instead of driving.  With the struggles we have had finding parking and the Evian workout  afterwards driving made no sense.

I thought we were going to be late. We didn’t get on the subway until 7:54am the race started at 8:00am but we met another runner while waiting for the train, I’m not even sure her name but she didn’t seem concerned so I stopped worrying. The 3 of us popped out of the subway 15 seconds before the horn started, the elites were off. Jen and I walked towards the back of the crowded corrals and 5 mins later we crosse the start.

Running outside of  Central Park and down the street was a welcomed change, the Mini 10k is an awesome course that I can’t wait to run again. I have been loosely following my time, I wanted a PR but I wasn’t going to kill myself to get it when I hit mile 4 I knew it was still in reach, by Mile 5 I thought I had it but wanted to give it my all just to make sure I didn’t miss out by 5 seconds or something silly.

I was not very happy to see a hill at end ? Seriously, a hill? That was cruel.

Regardless I got my PR 2.30 faster than my fastest 10k, woo hoo! I was excited but  had no time to celebrate.  I needed to find Jen so we could head downtown to the Evian & Jackie Warner Live Young workout event.

Time was tight, I knew it would  be close. We power walked towards the subway, delays, next train was 18 mins away and was also delayed, really?  After standing around with a bunch of other people waiting for one train I realized we could take another ( I lived in Manhattan for 3 years 10 years ago so sometimes it takes me a few seconds to turn city brain back on)

As we got out of the subway and hustled towards the seaport we saw Sheryl (she ran the Mini 10k & was the one who got us into the Evian event) – yay we aren’t the only late ones, she hed a friend with her so the 4 of us ran. We ran until we hit the check in, screaming Jackie were coming and Jackie we love you. We made it, no time to rest the workout had just started. The only space was left was in the front row, we jumped in and got to work.

Did I mention this workout was in the sand? and intense?  sand filled with push ups, planks, push up leg moving planks, all sorts of crunches and resistance band arm exercise’s.  I thought I was going to drop, I even had to use my inhaler at one point. Hardcore, especially after running 6.2 (more like 7.5) miles. Then a short Q&A.

Thanks NYRR, Evian and Jackie Warner for the awesome saturday morning. How was your weekend?

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    I love the NYRR Mini and have been able to run it the past 2 years! So cool to read of another "no meat athlete" that was thhere that day!

    trueindigo | 6 years ago Reply

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