NYC Half

In 10 days I am running my first half marathon, the NYC Half. I am nervous, excited, freaked, worried and thrilled. I’ve wanted to run this race since I first noticed it 3 years ago. I wished I could run, run fast enough, run far enough to be able to finish. In 10 days I will run NYC, I will want it to happen, I will wish it will happen and I will make it happen.

My only goal is to cross the finish line, hopefully I will not have to crawl and will not get picked up by the bus that goes around to collect ‘slow’ runners.

In other NYC news I have decided (along with I Run Slow ) to do NYRR’s 9+1 for guaranteed entry into the 2013 INGNYCM. My +1 will be volunteering at the NYC Half expo, if you are going to be there on Sat 3/17 look for me.

Any advice for a nervous half newbie? Do you remember your first half? are you a nervous half virgin like me?


    Hydrate and check everything the night before you run. I charged my garmin before leaving my house, but it somehow lost power between my house and the hotel we were staying at for the race. The night before, I got everything ready, but didn't think to check the power level. Mistake. The next morning, I had to run the whole race by feeling -- not a great way to relax. Other than that, enjoy it! I'll be running a half on the same day here in NC, so I'll keep you in mind as I'm on the course!

    Greg | 6 years ago Reply

      thanks!!! ill probably triple check everything twice ;) good luck with your race ill be thinking of you flying to the finish when i want to keel over

      Run From The Heart | 6 years ago Reply

        Doubt that I'll be flying! This will only be my third half. The first was alright and the second was a total horror-show! Third times a charm, maybe!?! Anyway, you will enjoy it no matter what happens. Besides, you're going to be running in one of the greatest cities on earth, and the crowd support will carry you farther than you imagine.

        Greg | 6 years ago Reply

    you're going to kill it! I know it!!! :D EEEp i can't believe NYC is already here, that means my half is right around the corner.. CRAP

    Wild Things Run Free | 6 years ago Reply

      thanks!!! these things creep up on us...9 days :0 killing it will = finishing for me

      Run From The Heart | 6 years ago Reply

    The best advice that I received before my first race was to focus on my own pace, not the pace of everyone around me. Adrenaline and nerves tend to make people sprint at the start and wear themselves out too early. You will probably still run faster than you normally would because of the adrenaline but definitely try to note your pace if you have a garmin. And GOOD LUCK!!! :)

    Stacey | 6 years ago Reply

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