Not a Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t quit! Streaking, blogging, lifting weights, doing HIIT, working… nothing … not yet.

Streaking is tougher mentally than physically. Maybe it has been tougher since I have had some big changes in my personal life over the past week, things that affect my available time to run, blog, watch tv and be sloth like. Everything is good, all good time-consuming things going on.  I’ve been slowly adjusting, adjusting to my new schedule, the season, streaking and the idea that running by itself is just not enough. Enough for what? enough to improve, to gain endurance, to PR, to drop a few pounds and to be ripped. When the Runners World Run Streak aka #RWRunStreak is over I will most likely stop streaking and return to having 2 days off a week from running. I am going out with a New Years Day race that just wouldn’t be the same if I quit streaking. Also I am in too deep to quit, unless I have to for some reason beyond I don’t feel like it, I set out to prove I could do something and I will do it. Speaking of racing…

Stolen from the SF Marathon… Who’s running it with me?


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