No Running

Tomorrow is National Running Day… this makes me sad.

It has been 254 days since my last run. Well… that is not true, I can’t tell you when my last run was, It was sometime late last summer/early last fall. I didn’t know, didn’t think and couldn’t have imagined that it would be my last run for a long long time.

It started off with a mild injury, no running for a few weeks, I just couldn’t.

Then I was sick, didn’t feel like running at all.

Then the dreaded No Running, ‘Doctors Orders’ and suddenly in a flash it had been months since a run.


My injury has healed, I am not sick, however I am just not permitted to run and at this point not able to run physically or mentally either.

A best case scenario will have me allowed and able to run sometime around the end of this year. That’ll equal over 1 year without running, sad i know, but it is for a *very* good reason and when all is said and done I will be a better, stronger person and runner, at least that is the hope.

It’s hard to think about all of the missed runs, the perfect running weather days, the gear (oh how i miss the gear and new gear), the races, the race bling! and most of all the community – i know nothing has gone anywhere but as a sidelined runner it’s hard to pay attention, its hard to read race recaps and gear reviews, see photos, participate in chats… it all sucks and tomorrow is National Running Day, a day like St Patrick’s day (everyone’s Irish), a day for everyone to run… or mostly everyone, I’ll be there in spirit.

As for my running, I’m targeting a late spring 2016 5 to 10K as a return, as a goal, as something to look forward to, as a long gentle ease back into running.



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