New Year, New Goal

Goals can be funny things.

What is a goal one day (or week/month/year) like PRing at a 10k can seem so crazy the next.

I’ve been injured since august, 4 months of non running, 4 months of watching others acheive their goals, 4 months of sitting on the sidelines.

I’m back now.

Slowly but back. This is the week I can try to run again, 1 mile at a time, no more than 10 a week for the first month but still running. Yes

R U N N I N G 

It’s been so long at all of my goals have taken a backseat and my near goal is to simply stay injury free

Heres to 2014!

What are your running goals for the upcoming year?

2014 sparkly

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    I to look forward to running again in 2014. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September and am in the middle of chemo. I will be finished in April and am planning a half marathon for April.

    George Huffman | 5 years ago Reply

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