New shoes, New start

Injury, injury, injury… that is ALL I seem to talk about, well not anymore. I’m over it and i’m back in action… well as soon as these brand spanking new puppies arrive.

No more minimalist shoes for me, Doctor’s orders so instead ( of course i’m sticking with the always awesome Brooks Running)  going for the Ghost 7’s, they are supposed to have the right support for my conditions and they are super cute! agree?

brooks womens ghost 7 brooks running women's ghost sneakers

At least I think they are so yay! new shoes and I can RUN again… like actually run more than 25 feet and for more than 2 mins. I’m going to start with 1.5 – 2 miles and work my way up to 3. By the end of summer i’d really like to be able to run 3-4 miles ever other day or 4 days a week. I know that I have lost my base, my endurance and my speed (ha speed, the very little speed I had is sadly gone) yet I am confident it will all come back to me 😉

Happy Running!


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