New Month, New Season.

A new month, a new season, the same goal – be consistent!

I have a love hate relationship spring – more hours of daylight, warm(er) temps, no more snow, ice and slush, mud, allergies, is it cold? is it hot? WTH do I wear? See for me spring is a little complicated, wonderful but it like all seasons has its challenges.

If I am being totally real and not a wimp the challenge for spring (for me) is mainly sniffly sneezy runny eye allergies. I can deal with ever fluctuating temps, more rain that usual, muddy trails, I can deal with allergies too they are just rougher, anyway main goal for April and the rest of spring is to just be consistent.

consistent definition

My goal is to get out and run 3x a week and to cross train an additional 1-2x a week. I don’t want to put a mileage goal on myself in fear of failing horribly but by summer (3 months from now) I’d like to be around 50 miles per month. I’d like to get back to 4 runs a week with 1 cross training day… a week that looks something like this 3 miles, 3 miles, off,  HIIT, 3 miles, 5 miles, off – nothing crazy just consistent and solid (for me) and I see this new month and new season as the perfect time to take the next steps towards my summer-ish ultimate goal.

Do you love spring? Hate spring? Love to hate spring? Set new goals for new seasons?




    I like the weather in the Spring but ike you I have allergies so that makes most of Spring really uncomfortable for me.

    kookyrunner | 1 year ago Reply

      :( hoping this year is the year i can manage my allergies

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

    I like spring for the warmer weather but allergies are tough. Its also a challenge to figure out what to wear!

    Lisa | 1 year ago Reply

      i have allergy misery no matter what im doing so i might as well try to run right? but figuring out what to wear... i just cant, well i never seem to get it right :/

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

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