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Garmin has announced a smaller Fenix watch, the 5s! And it is coming soon!

So I’m not a reviewer … check out DCRainmaker for all of the important info or Garmin… but OMG I am excited, I’ve been waiting for this for a while because the OG Fenix is just too big for me.

Anyway now the hard decisions start, first world problems I know… but I really didn’t think this day would come so I’m totally unprepared and need YOUR help!

I’ve got a few options…

The cheaper (it’s not cheap at all) version, is sliver with a white band (extra bands can be purchased and come in a bunch of colors so the band color really isn’t the issue) and does not have WiFi or sapphire glass – Do I need WiFi? It has Bluetooth and what about sapphire glass do you guys have it? If this version came with WiFi/Sapphire I probably would have just ordered it by now because I LOVE the look the most.

garmin fenix 5s smaller fenix 5 s

But then… I see this new ‘Champagne’ color and ooooh its pretty! Very pretty and it comes with 2 bands, one of which is suede – meh for me but this version  has WiFi and Sapphire glass and a $100 bump in price.

Champagne fenix 5s garmin 5 s

Also worthy of a note is that neither of these 2 options are available in both WiFi/Sapphire or not – so its one or the other…

Of course Garmin also have an all black one (it’s theWiFi/Sapphire more expensive one) and I typically LOVE all black everything but there is just something about the lighter ones… something about the white/silver and this interesting new ‘Champagne’ color… What is a girl supposed to do? HELP!

black fenix garmin 5s 5 s

Just a note the new Fenix 5 comes in 3 different body types (5s, 5 an 5X) and a bunch of color /band options, these are just the ones I am trying to decide between.

Silver/White – NO WiFi or Sapphire

Champagne/White – WiFi an Sapphire +$100

Black/Black – WiFi an Sapphire +$100

Experienced Fenix users! Garmin super FANS! Anyone! Everyone! Which color / features would (or are you) going with?


    Currently looking at some of their triathlon watches but just not sure which one to get

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

      So many to choose from right? I hear the 735xt is great and people do use this one, well the Fenix 3 for tris, happy exploring :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Wow these look pretty cool looking! I bet it comes with a pretty price tag too huh? | 2 years ago Reply

      they are ridiculously expensive! ive been saving for a while... they are said to be worth every penny though... we shall see

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    OMG I WANT NEED MUST HAVE sooooo pretttaaayyyy

    SuzLyfe | 2 years ago Reply

      RIGHT!?!?! its super pretty and very practical (at least i keep telling my self that)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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