My 1st Half

I couldn’t have asked for a better 1st half, the crowd was energizing, my fellow runners were awesome and the course was perfect for a fan of  Manhattan.

I spent the 45 mins – 1 hour waiting to start talking to lovely runners in my corral, a middle-aged woman from California who had run so many half marathons she couldn’t remember which number this was,  A fellow asthmatic and  a few nervous first timers like myself.

During the race I met 2 inspiring women, ran with one of them through most central park all the way down the westside highway, we got separated for a few miles but as I promised back on Harlem (or maybe it was cat) hill we would cross that finish line together and we did! I met the second amazing woman somewhere along the westside highway, she was upset and contemplating quitting. I vowed to stick with her and told her even if we were the last 2 runners we were going to cross that finish line together.  By this point I was separated from my CP buddy, there were no volunteers in site just a few runners in front and a few more behind me.

Enter stage left the detour.

I am in no way complaining, I understand roads and tunnels need to be reopened and volunteers can’t be expected to wait around all day. Back to the detour…  the last 300-ish of us runners got ‘detoured’. I feel this gave the course a more authentic NY experience, weaving in and out of tourists, dodging cabbies and navigating through a maze of streets. It was almost like one of those obstacle course races.

We were directed by a police officer to exit the westside highway at Murray street and make a right on broadway… pretty vague directions, luckily I use to live in lower Manhattan so I had some idea of our location and the finish line. As we weaved in and out of the sea of tourists I spotted a friend exiting the subway heading towards the finish, his arrival was a burst of energy our little group needed.

3/4 a mile from the finish, just as it came in to sight my little (my westside highway buddy and 2 others we picked up along the last 3 miles) and my Central Park friend (and her group of 2 others she picked up )  joined  together.

The 6  of us awesome rock stars dug deep for energy and ran in the last 1/2 mile strong.

I ran a half marathon, 13 point 1 freeking miles and let me tell you it was half of nothing. If you’ve run 13.1 miles you already know and if you’re flirting with the idea of running one, remember 13.1 miles is no joke.

Post race excitement

Thanks to Jen for the fantastic photo, for dropping me off at 7am and for waiting hours at the finish for me! Love ya!

my hard earned medal!

Did you race this weekend, how’d it go? are you racing this upcoming weekend? aren’t half’s awesome?

please excuse any typos, grammatical errors or sentences that just make no sense, I am still infected with runners high


    Great job!!!

    CultFit | 6 years ago Reply

    Congrats!! It's an awesome feeling to do your first half! I hope to run NYC in the next year.

    Shannon Chenoweth | 6 years ago Reply

      thanks!!! you should totally try to get in next year, its a great race, awesome course ... running through the middle of the street (past where i use to work) in times square was so amazing! i would have photos if i wasnt so giddy

      Run From The Heart | 6 years ago Reply

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