Not my blog, me. Not for a few weeks and  not very far (a few towns over) away. If you follow me on twitter you may have  witnessed some freaking out, disappointment, disgust, anxiety and general fear in regards to my (actually our, the dog and the other half are moving too) upcoming move. We aren’t big fans of moving, it’s stressful, hectic, interferes with running and is time consuming. Yeah, yeah, we get it, moving sucks and its great you aren’t going to have to live in a cardboard box or your car  but what the heck does it (moving)  have to do with running or plant based eating? Lots…

moving cartoon 2 women truck

My favorite running store in the world hosts a weeknight running group/club/get together for women. They run together (various pace and distance groups) and bring in great speakers.  I have been devastated for years that I cannot get there on time, and it’s not a I need to hustle thing it’s a between wrapping up work, walking the dog, driving there and parking thing. Once we move I will be close enough to get there on time and participate. Yay! Additionally, another nearby store has a weekend morning run that will make getting out of bed easy! Bottom line? I’ll have groups/others to run with and help push me if I want um’

Did I mention I’ll be in walking distance to one of my favorite (food) stores? One that sells lots of local and organic produce and NON – GMO soy products? (like my latest obsession, WholeSoy Vanilla Yogurt)

Sometimes (like in this case) the pain of moving is worth the reward!

Happy Monday!


    Sounds like you are moving to a great location :) Good luck with the move.

    Jen | 6 years ago Reply

      Thanks!! I guess carrying boxes will be good cross training too ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    moving blows. There is no doubt about it. Just don't be like me and wait until the last second possible to pack ;)

    Charlotte | 6 years ago Reply

      yeah... the last time we moved we literally packed reusable shopping bags the night before & in the morning... going to try very hard to pre pack this time ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

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